Since 2002, the Bill Collier Community Ice Arena has provided on-ice wintertime recreational opportunities for all ages at affordable prices. Our goal is to continue to serve residents of and visitors to the Klamath Basin. Ice is our product and your tax-deductible donation of any amount will help "Keep it Frozen"! Please help "Fund the Freeze" by donating now to keep us operating for years to come. Donations of all sizes are greatly appreciated! Thank you very much for your support!

Why donate?

  • Ice arenas require extensive fiscal resources. In order for us to operate from season to season, we must regularly conduct fundraisers, host fundraising events and author charitable grants. 
  • We must raise a minimum of $30,000 each year just to pay for the cost of operations.
  • We must raise additional funds when we need to pay for capital improvements, such as the upgrade of our refrigeration equipment (chiller), the replacement of the shade screen at the south end of the arena, and purchase of the used portable classroom building that will serve as our locker rooms.  Without a chiller we cannot make ice and keep it frozen...same for the shade screen.  Without locker rooms, it is difficult to offer our hockey programs.  These three projects will cost over $300,000.